Different technology for hearing aids and earplugs

Technology is an important element for a hearing aid. The level of technological advancement influences the hearing aid’s ability to analyze the sound and reduce the presence of unwanted noise. More advanced is the technology, the better the sound quality. Depending on your needs, we offer four levels of technology.

Base technology

The core technology enables automatic and digital models to hear sounds in relatively quiet places. This technology requires standard settings of the hearing aid.

Intermediate technology

Automatic and digital models can consolidate the latest intermediate technology. It allows more flexibility as to the settings of the hearing aid. In addition, it results in better hearing comfort and better sound quality.

Advanced technology

This technology is available for both automatic and advanced digital models. You benefit from a wide array of adjustment settings for your hearing aid. In addition, the advanced technology offers superior quality in the detection of sounds and background noise. It also enhances speech to a natural level and a reduction of ambient noise and impact noise as well.

Premium technology

This is the highest performing technology. It is available for the latest generation of fully automatic and digital models. It offers a multitude of possibilities for adjustments of your hearing aid. The speech enhancement is comparable to the human ear. In addition, it provides an automatic noise reduction for a great listening experience.

Two ears are better than one

* The hearing aids illustrated on this page may not fit your needs. An evaluation by an Audioprosthetist is required to determine the type of aid best suited for your type of hearing loss.