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Les Centres Masliah network, the strength of a recognized network of hearing professionals in Quebec

The Masliah Experience

Les Centres Masliah is comprised of 14 reputable clinics recognized throughout Quebec. Our expertise has allowed us to enhance the hearing of more than 100,000 patients with our 30 years of passion for our profession. Here at Les Centres Masliah, it is also our human approach that provides patients with outstanding service that meets their needs while providing sound advice and quality products. It is through the strength of our network that allows the audioprosthetist professionals of Les Centres Masliah to assist you in improving your hearing with the best hearing aids available.

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A passionate team of audioprosthetists

The Masliah team

A passionate team

Our goal is to help our patients improve their hearing quality by allowing them to hear everyday sounds again and offering the best services available. Our audioprosthetists, as well as our audiologists and ENT specialists, are passionate practitioners who enjoy working with their patients and strive to deliver the finest care. They will take their time to present you the hearing aid that best suits your needs, how to maintain them, what are the different types of payment options available and arrange regular check-ups. By contacting the professionals at Les Centres Masliah, you are assured of personalized care.

Adjacent to most of our clinics, services are from certified audiologists and independent ENT specialists are available should you need more comprehensive care in hearing health

The professional team at les centres Masliah improves its patients’ hearing

A quality choice

State-of-the-art hearing technology and hearing systems available at les centres Masliah

Effective technology

Les Centres Masliah are equipped with the latest in hearing technology. In health care, technology can make a significant difference to patients. For this reason, Les Centres Masliah are constantly searching for products with the most advanced technologies on the market. Our patients always benefit from the latest innovations in hearing care and find high-performance hearing correction products such as quality maintenance accessories, hearing aids and services related to your needs.

Make an appointment with one of our independent hearing care professionals, audioprosthesists, audiologists or ENT specialists to access our full range of hearing aids or assistive devices selected from the world's leading brands.

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Customer service at Les Centres Masliah offers an approach that is human and professional

Distinction award

Les Centres Masliah stand out for their excellent customer service and its personal approach. For our professionals, your well-being is paramount. Each patient is unique and important as are their hearing needs. We offer specialized care with the aim of improving your daily life. Our history is one of passion for peoples’ hearing health. This approach has made Les Centres Masliah a leader in Québec. It is with honour that our clinics were recipients of the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD from 2009 to 2012

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Customer service at Les Centres Masliah offers an approach that is human and professional

Accessible professionals

Fast access to all health professionals

Les Centres Masliah gives access to hearing professionals. Our patients receive comprehensive services ranging from ENT consultations, audioprosthesist to audiology services. There is no need to travel to find the right help for your needs, you will find all the professionals in one place.


We are in constant contact with independent Otorhinolaryngologist, members of the Federation of Medical Professionals of Quebec (ear nose & throat Professionals) that you can consult for all your medical or surgical needs. The E.N.T. professionals also issue the required documents necessary to confirm the need for hearing-aids.

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All of our professionals are members of l’Ordre des audioprothésistes du Quebec. Their role is to best restore your hearing by choosing the most appropriate hearing-aids and all related products for you. They will guide you professionally and compassionately in your quest for better hearing.

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Paying agencies

Several sources of reimbursement and financing are available to patients. Depending on your situation, you may receive financial assistance from the CNESST, the SAAQ, the RAMQ, etc. Ask our customer service for information.

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Free Shipping

We can send you by mail batteries free of charge for hearing aids and other products. This service is free under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information

Precious help for children in Haiti

Les Centres Masliah is socially involved in helping the less fortunate. Through our association with Team Canada Healing Hands, we offer services of hearing-aid donations for Haitian children in need. TCHH also offers audiology and ENT services to provide an all-in-one team that can offer comprehensive services. In fact, team members are directly involved, travelling to Haiti and delivering hearing-aids to children as well as training capable personnel to monitor and teach patients to be more independent.