Our clinics are now open during regular business hours. In order to comply with the necessary health precautions to ensure a safe environment for all, you have to call before coming to the clinic. If you cannot come, a teleconsultation service is available as well as the sending of your batteries and cleaning products to your home. Rest assured that we are taking exceptional health measures to protect your health and that of our teams. See you soon, for all your hearing health needs! For more information, contact your local clinic

Laval (Fabreville) Centre professionnel de Laval

Audioprosthetists, ENT and Audiologists in our Laval (Fabreville)

Meet our Audioprosthetists at Laval (Fabreville)

Come and meet our Audioprosthetist in Laval. He will advise you on adapted solutions to improve your hearing needs as well as your daily quality of life. Audiology services are also available.

Possible eligibility with RAMQ, CNESST, Veterans Affairs (DVA), SAAQ and private insurances.

Consultation with a Otolaryngologist (ENT Specialist) at Laval (Fabreville)


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Audioprosthetists, Audiologists and ENT Laval (Fabreville)

An Appointment with an Audiologist in Laval (Fabreville)