Mini Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids: What Are the Advantages of This Type of Device?

Thursday, 7th September 2017

Mini Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids: What Are the Advantages of This Type of Device?

The behind-the-ear hearing aid is a hearing aid system that comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours in order to meet every hearing need, but also to match various skin colours as well as different haircuts and colours. Because wearing this type of device can be difficult to accept for some people, there are also mini behind-the-ear hearing aids. So let’s take a look at the advantages of this device in particular:

A discreet hearing aid

A mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is a modern device that’s placed behind the ear and which improves and even restores the perception of sounds to a person suffering from more or less severe hearing loss. This type of device offers many advantages to people who suffer from hearing impairment. At first glance, their major assets are discretion and lightness, because – as mentioned previously – most people who experience hearing loss aren’t comfortable with the idea of having to broadcast their problem to the world. Generally, they find that this type of device can be quite unattractive. Thanks to a mini behind-the-ear hearing aid, they can enjoy the effectiveness of other devices while not showing off their hearing problem to everyone. Particularly discreet, the mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is the smallest device positioned behind the ear that can be found on the market. This discretion comes in particular from the fact that the auricle of the device is placed behind the ear without standing out and that the earpiece (wire type) is quite transparent.

A comfortable and attractive hearing aid

In addition, this type of device also offers personal comfort compared to traditional devices, which are generally heavier and can therefore inconvenience a person who has to wear them every day. For people with long hair or who wear jewelry in their ears, a mini behind-the-ear hearing aid also doesn’t get tangled uncomfortably in them. Attractive, comfortable, and effective, the mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is an ideal device for people suffering from different levels of hearing loss.

Like other types of devices, and even though it’s newer, the mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is also available in different colours and styles in order to match your skin type or hair colour, in the aim of becoming practically invisible.

An effective hearing aid

The other major advantage of a mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is that, because it’s placed behind the ear, it’s easier to manipulate than in-the-ear hearing aids, which must be touched and placed with the greatest care so as not to damage the ear. In addition, unlike other traditional devices, the mini behind-the-ear hearing aid is always adjustable with a Bluetooth remote control, which greatly simplifies its everyday use and prevents difficult manipulations with your hands. Finally, because the ear canal isn’t obstructed by the earpiece, unlike in-the-ear or RITE hearing aids, wearing a mini behind-the-ear hearing aid often provides a more natural sound and reduces the effect of thinking that you’re hearing your own voice.

Paradoxically, their main downside is their small size, which may not fit and may not be suitable for manipulation by people with arthritis in their hands or people suffering from significant visual impairment.

In case of recurring misunderstandings during conversations, sudden difficulty hearing normal sounds and noises at reasonable distances, or striking hearing loss, contact a hearing care professional as soon as possible. Following hearing tests, it will be possible to determine whether or not you need a hearing aid.

* The hearing aids illustrated on this page may not fit your needs. An evaluation by an Audioprosthetist is required to determine the type of aid best suited for your type of hearing loss.