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Hearing aid and hearing amplifiers

Hearing aids behind the ear BTE

Behind the Ear (BTE)

Behind the Ear (BTE)

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Hearing aids receiver in the ear RITE

Receiver in the ear (RITE)

Receiver in the ear (RITE)

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Hearing aids invisible-in-canal IIC completely-in-canal CIC

Invisible-in-canal (IIC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

Invisible-in-canal (IIC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

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Hearing aids in the canal ITC

In the canal (ITC)

In the canal (ITC)

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Hearing aids Phinak Lyric in-the-ear ITE

In-the-ear (ITE)

In-the-ear (ITE)

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Continual wear Hearing aids

Continual wear hearing-aids

Continual wear hearing-aids

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Different technologies

Technology is an important element for a hearing aid. The level influences the aid’s ability to analyze the sound and reduce the presence of unwanted noise. More advanced is the technology, the better the sound quality. Depending on your needs, we offer four levels of technology.

Base technology

The core technology enables automatic and digital models to hear sounds in relatively quiet places. This technology requires standard settings of the hearing aid.

Intermediate technology

Automatic and digital models can consolidate the latest intermediate technology. It allows more flexibility as to the settings of the hearing aid. In addition, it results in better hearing comfort and better sound quality.

Advanced technology

This technology is available for both automatic and advanced digital models. You benefit from a wide array of adjustment settings for your hearing aid. In addition, the advanced technology offers superior quality in the detection of sounds and background noise. It also enhances speech to a natural level and a reduction of ambient noise and impact noise as well.

Premium technology

This is the highest performing technology. It is available for the latest generation of fully automatic and digital models. It offers a multitude of possibilities for adjustments of your hearing aid. The speech enhancement is comparable to the human ear. In addition, it provides an automatic noise reduction for a great listening experience.

Two ears are better than one

  • Hearing is a complex system: your ears pick up sounds and your brain interprets them. Your ears work together to allow your brain to understand what is happening around you, for example, by helping you cross the road safely or by knowing what direction to turn when someone is calling you. Mobilizing both ears allows you to locate the source of the sound. Thus focusing on the conversation that interests you, while ignoring any unwanted sounds.

  • Better sound quality (High Definition.)
  • Facilitates understanding in noisy environments.
  • Improves understanding in a group because you can hear sounds from each side.
  • Keeps both ears active, which helps keep discrimination (understanding words.)
  • Requires much less effort and listening becomes more natural and balanced.
  • Helps preserve long-term hearing.
  • Helps to maintain the speed of sound discrimination, letters, and therefore words.
  • Sound localization and speech is not possible with a single hearing aid.
  • Allows you to hear over a greater distance
Electronic hearing aid sits behind the ear

Behind-the ear (BTE)

Listening device sits behind the ear

This hearing aid sits behind the ear and is connected through a tube to a custom fit earmold. Easy to handle, this hearing aid is strong and powerful. It increases sound quality and understanding of environmental sounds, including speech. In addition to being powerful, BTEs have several customizable programs. This type of aid is ideal for all types of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound.

  • Volume control and telecoil
  • Bluetooth compatible with remote control
  • Great Choice of colours
  • Flexible, effective and durable

Receiver in the ear (RITE)

Discreet electronic hearing aid received in the ear

This type of hearing aid sits discreetly behind the ear and is connected to a vented mold. This new technology is lighter and smaller than traditional hearing aids. It adapts to all levels of hearing loss while providing customized programming. Renowned for its discretion, it is most appreciated for its comfort and effectiveness.

  • Bluetooth compatible with remote control
  • Large selection of colors and styles
  • Discreet, light-weight, efficient
Light-weight listening device received in the ear
Invisible-in-canal IIC and completely-in-canal CIC electronic aid

Invisible-in-canal (IIC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

Invisible-in-canal IIC and completely-in-canal CIC listening device

An IIC or CIC is a custom-fit hearing aid made to fit the size and shape of a person’s ear canal. These are the smallest type of hearing aids, which makes them practically invisible. They are particularly valued for discreet aesthetics. These products are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. Check with your professionals at Les Centres Masliah whether this hearing aid is for you.

  • Bluetooth compatible with remote control
  • Custom-made product with personalized programming
  • Light-weight, almost invisible, aesthetic

In-the-canal (ITC)

Powerful In-The-Canal ITC electronic aid

In-the-ear type hearing aids are positioned in the ear canal. It is custom-made to fit the user. It is discreet and very esthetic. Besides being easy to handle, it is comfortable. This product offers volume control and customized programming. This hearing aid is suitable for several type of hearing loss, mild to severe.

  • Bluetooth compatible with remote control
  • Directional microphone and automatic telecoil
  • Powerful, personalized, adjustable
Personalized In-The-Canal ITC listening device
Custom-made In-the-Ear ITE electronic aid

In-the-ear (ITE)

Powerful In-the-Ear ITE listening device

In-the-ear type hearing aids are positioned in the ear canal. It is custom-made to fit the user. This type of hearing aid is very powerful. Besides being easy to handle, ITE hearing aids are suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss. It is equipped with a directional microphone, and automatic telephone coil and a volume control. Consult your hearing aid professionals here at Les Centres Masliah to see if this aid is appropriate for your needs.

  • Bluetooth compatible with remote control
  • Directional microphone and automatic telecoil
  • Powerful, personalized, adjustable

Continual wear hearing aids

Invisible Continual wear electronic aid

This sophisticated device is worn 24hours a day and is positioned accurately to 4mm of the eardrum which makes it completely invisible. It requires no maintenance or battery replacement. It is more comfortable due to its softness. It is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Inquire to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this type of device.

  • Invisible
  • 24 hours of continual wear
  • Comfortable, Invisible, natural sound
Invisible Continual wear listening device
Accessories remote controls hearing aids

Remote controls

Accessories remote controls bluetooth listening device

Les Centres Masliah offer an array of complimentary accessories for your hearing aids. The remote controls are ideal to easily control volume and hearing aid programs. Simple to use, they are easy to handle. In addition, the remotes are Bluetooth compatible which allows you to communicate easily with your cellular phone or television, all completely wireless

Accessories, maintenance and batteries

Accessories maintenance batteries of your listening device

Spray Bottle: Alcohol-based cleaner to keep your hearing aid clean and clear to help with good ear hygiene.

Dehumidification Tablets: These tablets help keep your hearing aid dry, they remove moisture and the risk of circuit corrosion.

Effervescent tablets: These tablets will clean your earmold and earplugs and keep them in a better condition and prolong their utility.

Cleaning Wipes: These wipes are used to keep your In-ear device, plug or cap clean and hygienic.

Battery Tester: This tool can be very useful to determine if your battery is still strong enough to use.

Dehumidifier: Some people suffer from excessive sweating or generate a lot of moisture causing damage to their devices. This container will be used to dry up your devices and sanitize for better condition and longer life.

Insertion Gel: To facilitate the insertion of your device or your earplug, we offer this hypoallergenic lubricant.

Accessories maintenance batteries of your hearing aid
Assistive devices high quality

Assistive devices

Electronic system to amplify your hearing aid

Amplified telephone: We have a selection of cordless and standard amplified phones , equipped with signal lights and larger digits, that give your telephone conversations sound clarity.

Television infra-red system or FM: These are high quality, wireless headphones with unprecedented clarity up to a distance of 100 feet and long battery life.

Door Bell: This item will notify you when someone is at your door by a light signal.

Telephone monitor: This item will notify you when your phone rings with a light signal.

Smoke detector: The smoke detector will alert not only by the loud sounding alarm, but also by a light signal and vibration under your mattress.

Custom earplugs

Customized multi-fonction earplugs

Swimming plugs: Custom made protection for those who cannot put their head under water due to possible ear infections.

Noise plugs: Necessary for anyone working in noisy environments, to protect their hearing against irreparable damage. Different levels of protections are available depending on the intensity of the noise in your environment.

Musician Plugs: Custom made plugs made for amateur and professional musicians that are very comfortable while keeping your hearing protected.

Custom-made swimming, noise and musicians earplugs

* The hearing aids illustrated on this page may not fit your needs. An evaluation by an Audioprosthetist is required to determine the type of aid best suited for your type of hearing loss.