Behind-the-Ear and Mini Behind-the-Ear Devices

Ear contour hearing aid available from les centres Masliah


The behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is placed behind the auricle and is connected to an earmold. Easy to manipulate, this hearing aid is powerful and resistant. It increases sound quality and the comprehension of environmental sounds, such as speech. In addition to being high-performance, it has several customized programs. Ideal for all types of deafness, ranging from the mildest to the most severe, the BTE device is perfectly suitable for children and people who secrete a lot of earwax. It offers great battery life, since it can work for up to three consecutive weeks without needing to replace the batteries.

  • Volume control and telecoil
  • Compatible with Bluetooth remote control
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Flexibility, efficiency, resistance


Unlike in-the-ear hearing aids, which are placed at the entrance to the ear canal, the mini BTE device is placed discreetly behind the auricle and connected to an open earmold. This new hearing aid technology is lighter and smaller than traditional hearing aids. It is suitable for all degrees of hearing loss while offering customized programs. Recognized for its discretion, it is appreciated for its comfort and efficiency. It is especially popular with hearing-impaired people who wear their hair short. Handy and ergonomic, the mini BTE device with open earmold causes no discomfort for people who wear glasses.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth remote control
  • Wide selection of colours and styles
  • Discretion, lightness, efficiency
  • Natural sound
Mini contour hearing aids with with open or RITE earmold available from les centres Masliah

* The hearing aids illustrated on this page may not fit your needs. An evaluation by an Audioprosthetist is required to determine the type of aid best suited for your type of hearing loss.