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Who are our Audioprosthetist, Audiologist and Otolaryngologist services for?

Hearing aids for seniors offered by les centres Masliah


Like most of our organs, the ear weakens, because it wears out with age. This process can accelerate when a person reaches 60. This results in gradual loss of hearing and can become problematic in some situations. Deafness is treated discretely and accurately using digital hearing aids. Several government programs are available (RAMQ, Veterans, etc.). Ask one of our audioprosthetist for more information.

Hearing aids for workers offered by les centres Masliah


25% of people who work in noisy environments will attain mild to severe hearing loss. Studies show that hearing loss is the main occupational hazard in 66% of cases. Noise exposure in the workplace can benefit from using custom ear plugs or earmuffs. We serve business and individuals. We have been experts in hearing correction for more than 25 years. CSST, in the majority of cases, covers the cost of hearing aids or assistive devices.

Hearing aids for musicians offered by les centres Masliah


Listening to music at a comfortable level is ideal for maintaining good hearing. For musicians or DJs who need to play their music louder, we manufacture custom-made earplugs specially calibrated according to the different reduction levels (9,15 or 25 decibels.) If, however, you already feel you have lost acuity, we can assess your hearing and give you an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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* The hearing aids illustrated on this page may not fit your needs. An evaluation by an Audioprosthetist is required to determine the type of aid best suited for your type of hearing loss.