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Masliah Centers is a network of over 20 recognized clinics across Quebec. Our expertise has allowed us to fit thousands of patients in over 30 years of passion for our profession. Les Centres Masliah is also a human approach that ensures patients receive quality services that meet their needs while offering sound advice and high-performance products.


Behind-the-ear and mini behind-the-ear hearing devices


In-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing devices


Depending on the severity of your hearing problems, different models are available to you. Here are the main models available, based on the latest technologies.

Who are our Audioprosthetist, Audiologist and Otolaryngologist services for?

Like most of our organs, the ear gets older as it wears out with age. This degradation can occur more or less rapidly from the age of 60 onwards. The result is a gradual loss of hearing acuity that can become troublesome in certain situations. Deafness can be treated discreetly and precisely with the help of digital hearing aids .

Several government programs are available (RAMQ, CNESST, SAAQ and Veterans Affairs). Ask one of our audioprosthesists.

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One in four people working in noise will be mildly to severely deaf from a certain age. Studies show that deafness is the main work-related illness with 66% of cases. Noise damage in the workplace can be prevented with the help of custom-made plugs or shells, which we prepare for companies and individuals. If, however, your hearing has already been affected by noise, you should know that we have extensive expertise in hearing correction.

CNESST covers, according to eligibility criteria, the cost of digital hearing aids or assistive listening devices.

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Listening to music at a comfortable sound level is ideal for maintaining good hearing. For musicians and Djs, however, who need to play their music louder, we make custom-made earplugs that are specially adapted and calibrated for different levels of attenuation (9, 15 or 25 decibels).

Our custom earplugs are also designed for those who practise hunting or other hobbies that can damage hearing or swimming.

However, if you believe that you have already lost some acuity, we can evaluate your hearing and give you an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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Hearing Healthcare Services



The audiologist is a health professional who prevents, evaluates, and treats hearing and balance disorders (tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, etc.). He intervenes in adults as well as children and infants.

Experienced audiologists and members of the l’Ordre des audiologistes et orthophonistes du Québec are at your service. They will perform all the tests required to evaluate and diagnose your hearing and, if necessary, will make a fitting recommendation.


An audioprosthetist is a medical technician specializing in hearing correction. Upon referral from an audiologist or an ENT, they provide the patient suffering from hearing problems with corrective equipment.

All our professionals are members of the Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec. Their role is to restore your hearing as much as possible by choosing the most suitable hearing aids for your needs, as well as all the associated products. They will assist you in a professional and humane way with your equipment, and provide you with sound advice.



An otolaryngologist - more commonly known as an ENT doctor - specializes in the evaluation and treatment of diseases of the ears, nose and throat. Among their prerogatives, these practitioners are notably authorized to issue prescriptions for hearing aids and earplugs.

We are in permanent contact with otolaryngologists who are members of the Association of Otolaryngology and Neck and Facial Surgery of Québec, whom you can consult for all medical or surgical needs.


Hearing Screening and Hearing Test

If you think you may have hearing problems, a simple hearing test can tell you more about them and help you take action. For those over 60 years of age, it is recommended to have a hearing test every two years. Here are some symptoms that should alert you to the need for a hearing test



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