When to consult a Audioprosthetists?

If, after your hearing tests, your audiogram reveals impairments, a hearing aid may be prescribed. You will then have to meet with an audioprosthetist, who will provide you with the adequate treatment: a hearing aid. A true concentration of custom-made technology, this is a small electronic device that amplifies the sounds that you can’t hear or that you can no longer hear.

To choose the hearing aid that suits you the best, the audioprosthetist will advise you in the selection process. Depending on your situation and your preferences, they may offer you an ear contour, an in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), or completely-in-the-canal (CIC) device, or a continuous-wear apparatus.

A personalized hearing aid

Based on the prescription and your personal choice, the audioprosthetist will fashion a personalized device suited to your specific needs.

They will then teach you to correctly position the device in your ear, then make the necessary adjustments so that it fits you perfectly. It should be carefully adjusted to match your auditory profile.

Generally, these adjustments are made gradually and involve many factors, such as the shape of the device, its power, its sound processing technology, and its acoustic signature. This complex mission should be carried out exclusively by an audioprosthetist.


Regular checkups

If you wear a hearing aid, it’s important to visit your audioprosthetist regularly. On one hand, your hearing and your sound perception change over time. In particular, they can deteriorate with age or – by contrast – improve thanks to hearing therapy techniques. On the other hand, the condition of your device itself evolves. These changes depend – among other things – on its quality and how well you maintain it.


During checkups, the audioprosthetist will check your device and make adjustments – if necessary – to improve your comfort. They may also perform maintenance on your equipment (cleaning, changing the batteries, etc.) to guarantee optimal functioning and better results. So don’t forget about these checkups!


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Frequently Asked Questions

An audioprosthetist is a medical technician specializing in hearing correction. Upon referral from an audiologist or an ENT, they provide the patient suffering from hearing problems with corrective equipment.

All our professionals are members of the Ordre des audioprothesistes du Quebec. Their role is to restore your hearing as much as possible by choosing the most suitable hearing aids for your needs, as well as all the associated products. They will assist you in a professional and humane way with your equipment, and provide you with sound advice.