6 steps are needed to get the best hearing aid


1 : First visit

The first visit establishes the patient’s history and determines the potential cause of hearing difficulty. This meeting allows you to discuss with your hearing-aid professional about your motives and expectations. Our professional will take the time to answer your hearing related questions and present you with the best solution for you to hear better.


2 : Audiometric tests

Some tests are needed to find the ideal solution to better hearing. An audiogram will determine your hearing profile in order to adjust the hearing aid to your individual needs. This test consists of hearing a variety of sounds in different frequencies and intensities as well as a list of specific words. The test results reveal your percentage of comprehension or auditory discrimination. Lastly, a medical certificate is issued by your doctor or ENT professional to prescribe and ensure there is no contraindication to wearing hearing aids.


3 : Selection of the hearing aid

Your hearing-aid professional will meet with you to provide the best advice on the most appropriate device for your hearing loss. They will explain the advantages and characteristics of various prominent models recognized globally. You can select the device of your choice with your hearing-aid professional in all confidence of knowing the facts from a wide selection of recommended products.


4 : Imprint of ear

Once the ideal device is selected, your hearing-aid professional will take an impression of your ear in order to make your hearing aid. Our professionals at Les Centres Masliah will provide you with the best service to mold your hearing aid to fit properly.


5 : Fitting and adjustment of
assistive listening device

The aids are adjusted very precisely with equipment on the cutting edge of technology. Your hearing-aid professional will take the time to explain in detail how to use your devices so you can use them to their maximum potential.


6 : Check-up

It is important to know how to properly maintain your hearing aid to keep it in the best condition as long as possible. Our professionals instruct how to properly maintain with special techniques for your device. These tips will help sustain superior sound quality and proper hygiene to ensure a long life span of your device.