Group 583

In-the-Canal and In-the-Ear Devices

The in-the-canal hearing aid is positioned at the entrance of the auditory canal, in the ear canal. More discreet than the full-shell device, it is quite stylish. It is made to measure based on the user’s ear canal. In addition to being easy to manipulate, this hearing aid is comfortable. As its microphone is placed near the eardrum, the sound is natural. This product is available with a volume control and a customized program, is suitable for all types of hearing loss.

  • Compatible with Bluetooth remote control

  • Custom-made product and personalized program

  • Light, flexible, stylish

Frequently Asked Questions

Intra-auricular (or full concha) ear hearing aid

Made from one piece, these custom-made devices fit perfectly in your ear canal.

- For mild to severe hearing loss.
- For those who wish to remain active without being bothered by prostheses that get displaced with the movements of the head.

Hearing aid in the intra-channel ear (or half shell)

Halfway between the in-the-ear hearing aids that fit in the concha of the outer ear and those that fit deep into the ear canal, the in-the-canal hearing aid is located in both the concha and the canal. It is smaller and more discreet than the full concha and is custom-made

- For mild to severe hearing loss.
- For active people who do not want to be encumbered by prostheses that may get displaced with head movements.