Our Laval (Fabreville) Clinic: Audioprosthetist, ENT, Audiologist

Services offered by our Audioprothesists
at our Laval (Fabreville) Clinic

If you work or live in Laval in the Fabreville district or the surrounding area and are looking for a hearing clinic or an audioprosthetist, our audioprosthetist clinic, which also has independent audiologists, is there for you.

Our clinic serves the following districts in Laval: Fabreville, Sainte-Rose, Sainte-Dorothée, Duvernay, Chomedey, Pont-Viau, Laval-des-Rapides, Vimont and Laval-Ouest.

To find us: we are located in the Laval Professional Center, on Curé-Labelle Boulevard, near Highway 117 and Dagenais Boulevard West.

Payment methods accepted: debit cards, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, cheques and cash.Our hearing health professionals are there to improve your condition and quality of life, thanks to a wide selection of hearing aids using the latest technology.

Contact us to make an appointment: we will have a solution adapted to your needs.

Services offered at the Fabreville clinic in Laval

  • Hearing screening test.

  • Sale and recommendation of hearing aids according to your coverage system and the aids you may receive. We have a wide choice of hearing aids.

  • Fitting, maintenance and repair of hearing aids: During follow-up appointments, we make sure that your hearing aids work properly and are always properly adjusted to your degree of hearing loss.

  • Sale of batteries and maintenance products.

  • Manufacture of custom protective earplugs (with or without filters) for workers exposed to potentially hazardous noise in the workplace or for leisure activities such as swimming, hunting and music.

  • Ear cleaning (earwax removal).

  • In-home service.

  • Service for adults and pediatric service for children from 0 to 18 years old.

  • Hearing test and complete hearing assessment.

  • Diagnosis of the auditory and vestibular system (audiogram).

  • Recommendation of appropriate treatment.

  • Accompaniment during the appropriation of hearing aids.

  • Redesign of the living and work environment.

ENT physician

  • The Fabreville Polyclinic, located upstairs, offers the services of an ENT doctor. If needed, we can coordinate your appointments with the various hearing health professionals.

Our audioprosthetists at the Fabreville clinic in Laval

  • Hillel Elkheif & Gabrielle Masliah (Monday)

Come and meet our team of audioprosthetists and audiologists in the Fabreville district of Laval.

The cost of audioprosthetist services and the purchase of hearing aids are tax deductible and are covered by certain private insurances or reimbursed by certain organizations such as the RAMQ, the CNESST (CSST), Veterans Affairs and the SAAQ.

We can help you through these procedures.

Independent Audiologists and ENT at our Laval (Fabreville) Clinic