Our network of Audiologists in Quebec

An audiologist is a health professional who prevents, evaluates, and treats hearing and balance disorders (tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, etc.). They assist both adults and children, and even infants.

Experienced audiologists and members of the l’Ordre des audiologistes et orthophonistes du Québec are at your service. They carry out all the necessary tests to evaluate and diagnose your hearing and will, if necessary, issue a recommendation as to hearing aids.

Audiologist hearing test centres Masliah

Diagnosis of the auditory and vestibular system

The primary role of an audiologist is to evaluate the hearing as well as the auditory and vestibular system of their patients. To do this, they carry out audiometric tests with special equipment that simulates different situations to obtain a complete overview (an audiogram). The goal is to determine your auditory profile in order to select the most suitable treatment for your needs.

Audiologist personalized hearing test centres Masliah

Auditory processing

Following this assessment, the audiologist will offer you solutions suited to your situation in order to improve your quality of life.

A true partner, they assist you in several ways:

  • Recommendation of an appropriate treatment (hearing aid, personalized ear plugs, etc.)
  • Support during the use of your hearing aid.
  • Reorganization of your living space to promote independence in your daily life (amplified telephone, infrared system, light signals, etc.).
  • Moral support, to limit your emotional difficulties.
  • Transmission of the necessary information, to you and to those around you.
Audiologist personalized hearing test centres Masliah
Audiologist consultation hearing loss centres Masliah

When to consult an Audiologist?

Hearing is a precious sense that you should take care of throughout your life. Monitoring is performed on children, who take regular hearing tests. But during adulthood, hearing is much less controlled than it should be.

We recommend meeting with an audiologist if:

  • Your hearing declines: you regularly ask those around you to repeat themselves, you gradually increase the volume on your TV or radio, your loved ones tell you that your hearing is bad, etc. These are signs of hearing loss.
  • You are regularly subjected to loud noises – for example, at your workplace. Your hearing may therefore deteriorate faster.
  • You have tinnitus: you have the impression of hearing ringing, whistling, or rattling sounds.
  • You suffer from vertigo: as the inner ear directly influences your balance, hearing problems can cause dizziness.
  • You experience ear pain: an ear infection or trauma can cause hearing loss.

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