26 July 2019

To provide the best possible service to improve the daily lives of hearing-impaired people, connected hearing aids and their complementary accessories are cutting-edge, high-performance devices, thanks to the support of new technologies in this field. Using a remote control, or without a remote control for the latest hearing aids, wireless technology makes it possible to transmit the sound directly from your smartphone or tablet to your connected hearing aids.

Integrating Connected Hearing Aids Into Your Daily Life

Comfortable and discreet, connected hearing aids offer great sound quality and let you enjoy the simple moments of life. Like wireless headphones, they’re used with the aid of a connected remote control (or without, for the latest models) designed for this purpose to use:

– Your cell phone: Connected hearing aids let you send and receive calls with your smartphone, hear your phone ringing, or listen to music. With some of these hearing aids, you can even answer a call without taking your phone out of your pocket

– Your TV: Connected hearing aids make it possible to listen to the television and adjust the sound with the connected remote control

– Laptops and touchscreen tablets: These connected hearing aids let you listen to videos, movies, and any source of sound on your computer or touchscreen tablet

– Your doorbell: Connected hearing aids can also be connected to your doorbell so that you can hear it properly

– Your alarm clock: Very practical, continuous-wear connected hearing aids that can be kept in your ears day and night mean that you can hear your alarm clock properly to live independently.

Wireless technology for hearing

Thanks to a remote control, or without a remote control for recent models, you can enjoy the simple moments of life and directly control the perceived sound in your hearing aid in complete discretion, for maximum comfort and freedom. You can therefore raise and lower the volume and make slight adjustments – according to what the hearing care professional has configured – to the perceived high and low sounds using a smart device, depending on your environment, your desires, and your needs.

Getting Used to Connected Hearing Aids

Much like unconnected hearing aids, these models accentuate the desired sounds, such as speech, while diminishing unpleasant sounds, such as background noise. The user, a person suffering from hearing impairment, must, however, show effort and patience when first using it (for the first month at least) to get used to the new sound impressions that the connected hearing aid generates. If they use their connected hearing aids regularly or continuously, the possibility of communicating with the people around them, listening to music or the television, or hearing the telephone ring will let them experience a new ease and quality of life.

By consulting a hearing care professional near you as soon as possible, you can discuss your hearing problems and obtain solutions that will considerably improve your daily life. Hearing tests make it possible to determine your needs and choose the best possible hearing aid for your situation. Connected hearing aids are a new technology that’s highly appreciated for the comfort and simplicity that they offer, and the possibilities keep increasing as our whole environment becomes connected.