31 May 2019

Because the ear – our hearing and balance organ – is particularly sensitive to water, taking a dip in the pool can lead to certain infections such as otitis, in both casual and professional swimmers. To avoid these, there are certain ear plugs for the pool specially designed to protect the ears from the infiltration of water into the ear canal.

What Are Ear Plugs for the Pool?

While there are numerous ear plug models to muffle certain sounds, those intended for use in the pool work differently from others. Specially designed for the aquatic environment and activities in the water that require good hearing, they don’t really mitigate ambient noise like traditional ear plug models, but act as protective barriers against possible water infiltrations into the hearing organ while swimming. Made to measure in silicone, acrylic, or wax, they’re stylish and comfortable for the ears. Very malleable, they adapt to and are very easy to place in the ear canal.

When to Use Ear Plugs for the Pool?

The properties of ear plugs for the pool – that is, impermeability and resistance – make these ideal accessories to use in all sorts of conditions in an aquatic environment. Indeed, while they can be used in the pool in case of ear infections, for example, they’re also very well suited to the practice of more extreme water sports. Finally, ear plugs for the pool are also suitable for protecting the ear canal in extreme weather conditions (sand storm, strong wind, etc.).Their only restriction in the aquatic environment is the practice of scuba diving, as this activity does not allow for the wearing of ear plugs, because an eardrum obstructed by an ear plug can quickly burst under the pressure of the water, which can cause serious injuries.

How to choose the right ear plugs for the pool?

After taking an impression of your ear and your ear canal at an auditory clinic, the hearing care professional can custom manufacture your ear plugs. Economical in the medium and long term because they’re durable, these pairs of ear plugs are a small investment that protects our hearing. The right ear plugs for the pool must be:

– Easy to clean: The ear plugs sold by hearing specialists require little cleaning. Indeed, after using them in the water, simply rinsing them with clear water lets you maintain and keep them for a long time without reducing their effectiveness at protecting the ears.

– Good hold: Because there’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly put your ear plugs back in when you’re in the pool, especially during a sporting event, for example, the ear plugs offered by hearing care professionals are comfortable and remain firmly in place in the ear canal. Indeed, they adapt to all ear shapes and don’t fall out with each movement.

– Comfortable: Inserted quickly and easily into the ear canal thanks to their great manipulability, ear plugs for the pool are very comfortable to wear for the duration of your swim without feeling any discomfort.

– Discreet: More appreciated than the headband, which is another possible form of ear protection for the pool, ear plugs for the pool are more discreet, as they blend into the ears of each person who wears them. Their discretion also comes from the fact that they don’t block out the surrounding noise and allow people to communicate and hear properly while protecting against annoying noises up to around 24 decibels.